How to sell a fake Samsung Galaxy S7 on Avito?

  1. Where do fakes of smartphones come from?
  2. How to turn a fake in the "original"
  3. How to distinguish a fake Galaxy S7 from the original
  4. Personal experience
  5. Indirect signs that should alert
  6. Last Stand of Hope - Price

In our turbulent times there is such a very interesting occupation - selling fakes of popular smartphones under the guise of originals. Two smartphones are forged and sold mainly: iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S series of all generations. And this advantage is widespread on the Internet, where you will not find the ends, and you can push something in two counts.

Why on Avito? Because in the specialized forums (HPC, and so on) there are mostly people versed in technical details. It will not be possible to sniff in there a fake, therefore cunning "entrepreneurs" crawled on Avito, which everyone visits.

Where do fakes of smartphones come from?

From China! Every year one or another flagship comes out, and after about a month and a half, our market begins to slowly be flooded with the first swallows. This applies to both the iPhone and Samsung. The remaining brands, if they are falsified, are far from such thoroughness. They are designed for people who are far from the market of mobile devices, heard about the latest models of cool gadgets like the iPhone 6S or Galaxy S7 and can even be seen a couple of times their photos on the network.

Frankly, these fakes are not interesting to me, so I did not set out to search for information on where exactly they come from and where they can be bought. That's right where to click, how to pay and how much delivery - all these things are not interesting at the moment.

If this article brings together enough comments and feedback, I will continue. And then I will tell you about where the fakes come from and how they are brought “to the mind”, that is, how they become similar to the originals with specific IMEIs that were actually sold through some official Russian dealer. For the sake of you, I am ready to be substituted for hatred and, perhaps, even very partially, but to undermine the market of this outrage. And maybe train a new batch of resellers. We need to think about the morality of all this educational program ...

How to turn a fake in the "original"

Previously, when the trees were taller, and the grass is greener, that is, during the flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S4, everything was simple. It was very easy to deceive the customer at a low price. Did the following.

The enterprising citizens didn’t steam themselves either in the box from under the device they were selling, or they didn’t put anything, limiting themselves to a simple “This is a gift, therefore no checks,” The crust a couple of weeks ago. I didn't like it, I got used to iPhones. ” Moreover, the very same piece of paper was a printout of anything printed on a printer: type of commodity check, type of "guarantee" and so on according to the list. Once I saw a seller's seal printed on a color printer called Glavsnabsttorgprosvet LLC (something like that) and even a made-up OGRN number existed around the perimeter of the stamp. Got confused, I must say. Well, how? Lightly podnapryaglis.

Below is a picture of one ad on Avito. I am one hundred percent sure that they are exactly “fake”, because I was holding the same phone.

Now everything is much more serious and many people know about fakes, at least they have heard that they are dating. However, many who saw on the network the announcement of the sale of the Galaxy S7 at half price, never held a smartphone in their hands. “Self-entrepreneurs”, of course, understand this, so now they are focusing on documentary confirmation of originality, by all possible means diverting the victim from the pipe itself. This must be remembered!

A couple of weeks ago, I met with one of these “entrepreneurs” who tried to beat me into a fake S7. Actually, it was this meeting that inspired me to create this material. Next, I will tell you what I encountered in person, but let's start with the documents - the first thing to check.

I did not even expect this to be possible. In the fake packaging, you will find not just the original warranty card of one or another store, but also a cash voucher with all the details, and even a check for payment with a bank card with a transaction number and other details. In this regard, it is impossible to find fault with checks. Frankly, I do not know how these frauds actually occur, but, apparently, these are the original documents for the sale of some real device with a real IMEI and serial. Not for nothing, even in the ad itself, the seller said that he would easily throw off the serial number that beats on all databases, like the original S7.

However, it is sold fake, which will be in all the menu to give exactly the same IMEI and serial number, which are listed in the check. What technique has reached what is called.

How to distinguish a fake Galaxy S7 from the original

We dealt with the documents and understood the main idea - that you should not rely on them. That's right never even once! Go ahead.

Let's say you found an interesting offer in the network. You are satisfied with the price, description of the product and its condition. Make an appointment with the seller near any shopping center, which has a store with electronics and open display of goods. Why there? It's simple!

It's simple

Arrive at the place before the appointed time and go to the communication salon, the electronics store is not important. In any mall one or two salons you will find. Find the model that you plan to purchase with your hands on the open display and study it properly. Do not just turn it in your hands, but pay attention to literally all the nuances: how tightly the glass of the screen fits in the case, whether there is a backlash of the buttons, look into the eye of the camera, what bends, what the surface feels like. Literally absorb the appearance of the apparatus with all the senses. Believe me, all this is very useful when you inspect the used. smartphone.

Within an hour, you will have the most recent impressions of the desired device, so you can easily recognize the fake during the inspection or vice versa, make sure that you have the original product. A used device must also be examined carefully. As soon as you doubt any details, start studying the device twice as closely and turn on the tediousness to its fullest.

Personal experience

I made a mistake since I last held the S7 about two months ago, even before the start of sales. I tested and prepared a review of this smartphone. Since then, the impressions have noticeably faded, but something still remains in the memory.

Since then, the impressions have noticeably faded, but something still remains in the memory

Real ad for sale fake Samsung Galaxy S7

In my case, I was confused by a few points.

First, it is the back cover. It was smooth, even, there was a sensation of glass, but it did not produce the impression of quality. It is important to remember that the body of the S6 and S7, as well as their Edge versions is beyond praise. The assembly is beautiful, the tactile sensations are uncompromisingly pleasant. Therefore, as soon as I had a share of doubt, I became alert.

Secondly, in the upper right corner between the metal bumper and the glass, there was a residue of a self-adhesive gasket sticking out from the inside. Absolute nonsense, which in the original Galaxy S7 can not even be theoretically. However, this could also be a sign that the display was changing, and, moreover, a craftsman who simply could not install the panel evenly and without gaps. Let me remind you that the S7 is protected from moisture and dust, and in any case it is impossible to repair such devices in the SC near the metro. At best, you will lose moisture protection.

Thirdly, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a stunning display. It is bright, juicy, with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The density of dots is so high (576 ppi) that you cannot distinguish individual dots or pixel pixel sizes with the naked eye. I have doubts on this parameter. The copy that I wanted to slip had a seemingly good screen. However, “seemingly good” is definitely not about the display of the seventh “galaxy”.

However, “seemingly good” is definitely not about the display of the seventh “galaxy”

Fourth, this is the camera. Another praise in the direction of the South Korean flagship, or rather, in the direction of the capabilities of the built-in camera. Believe me, she removes the best of all existing smartphones on the market and is worthy to carry the title of leader. And of course, all this can be seen right on the screen of the smartphone. No need to throw pictures on the computer to see this. I launched the camera on the inspected "S7", took several shots and found inaccurate exposure, blurred frames and too little detail. Test completed! Before me is a fake, but I wanted to go further.

Then it turned out all the more interesting. I wanted to install the AnTuTu application in order to check what hardware a particular device has. To my surprise, AnTuTu was already in the device’s memory. Obviously, he is here especially for those who have heard about this program and knows that it can be used to study objective information about all the insides of the device.

Without hesitation, I launched it and saw what I had never seen before. It could be anything, but not the most popular benchmark in the world. On the screen saver there was some kind of hare, and instead of the usual icons in the menu there were three-dimensional icons of menu items. It is likely that this is just an old version of the application, slightly dopilennaya under their own needs.

Of course, the Info tab contained information that all the hardware was original: Snapdragon 820, 4 GB operatives, and so on through the list. If anything, then in Russia the version is sold only with the Samsung Exynos 8890 processor, so the presence of the 820th "snap" in a smartphone purchased in one of the domestic electronics networks is already an impossible situation.

Of course, I did not believe an unknown utility called “AnTuTu”, so I decided to install my version. The seller, by the way, did not object. And it turned out that my Micro USB flash drive, which I had previously connected, perhaps, to a hundred Android devices and everything was fine, this fake was not determined. Believe me, I tested the Galaxy S7 and OTG it works exclusively. It was all very funny, so I decided to stop the inspection.

From myself I will add a few other tricks, thanks to which you can withdraw the scammers to not clean water.

Go to the settings and look at the software version. Galaxy S7 running on Android 5 is nonsense. Out of the box, the device has Android 6.0. If not, then you have a copy.

One more thing about the menu. In the same menu item "About the device" look for the item "Version KNOX". In the fake of this item, most likely, will not.

In my case, the seller at every opportunity wore a case back on the case. It was obvious what to hide. There is a reason to guard.

Another rather simple way to check the originality of the device. Go to the official website of the South Korean company and download the Samsung Kies proprietary utility to synchronize your PC and smartphone. Take a laptop with this installed software to the meeting. Try to connect the device to your computer and see what happens. If the proprietary utility does not recognize the connected device as an original smartphone, then before you is a fake. Very simple.

Forgot to download the utility in advance? Not scary. Just connect the device to the PC and see how much memory the new device has. The original should have approximately 24 GB of memory. If the drive is determined to 4-8 GB - it is a fake.

Indirect signs that should alert

Personal sign. Samsung Galaxy S7 is a very expensive device that not many people can afford. A person who will give almost a new smartphone worth 50,000 rubles for 25 or 30 thousand rubles is a secured person and this is a fact.

Typically, these people have little time, so they will try to invite you to drive up to their home, to work, to quickly jump out and sell you a bored device. In extreme cases, the seller of the original device will arrive at the meeting on his car, most likely, expensive. Riding the metro or meeting near the descent into it is not about such people, and in this case it suits you.

Inform the seller that you are ready to meet in his car (drive home, to work), the main thing is that it is convenient for him. Believe me, no one will argue with you. Considering all this, she would be bred either on the subway (by public transport) or by car, but she would insist on meeting not in it, but nearby in a cafe or a park (in my case it was like that). Is it enough? Suddenly you will then find and leave a note on his car with a rusty nail, what a bad person he is. Diluted it is very confusing, because the business is put on stream, no one wants to risk.

Last Stand of Hope - Price

In my experience and reviews of people on the Internet, buying a Samsung Galaxy S7 for cheap is a rare, astounding success. At the moment, the smartphone is sold for 49,990 rubles. Gray tubes are given cheaper by five thousand. Accordingly, everything below 30,000 rubles is most likely a fake. Look at the screenshot below. This is the first issue on the search for "samsung galaxy s7" at the flea market. In 6 of 8 ads, sellers dropped more than half the price. Nonsense!

However, the high price - this is not a guarantee that at the meeting you will not try to vtyuhat fake. Someone from the celebrities chooses such a way to protect their “reputation”, so that the victims are guided by the simple rule: “Well, the fake cannot cost so much!” Judging by the reviews on the Internet, maybe even how.

How to order online cheaper

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