How to make coffee in a coffee machine. How to make a classic coffee raff at home. How to serve coffee raff?

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It so happened that our coffee culture in recent years has developed strictly in line with overseas trends: take-away coffee, alternative brewing methods, our own blends and roasting - all of this has been adopted by us from more coffee-advanced countries. It was all the more surprising for me to find out that coffee, the absence of which in the bar list today automatically deletes any establishment from the category of fashion, did not come to us from abroad.

The only thing needed for parameterization is your shredding. We can not repeat it enough, it is your grind that plays the most important role in the preparation of coffee. For coffee pots, you need coarse grinding to prevent coffee from spreading during printing. Imagine crystals of rather thick salts and set your mill to something like that!

Pour hot water gently. Gently squeeze the coffee. It is preferable to use wooden utensils to prevent steaming the coffee. Wait 4 minutes for a quality infusion. Wait more for stronger or shorter coffees for lighter coffees. Snap the press after 4 minutes of infusion. If the resistance is too strong, your grinding is too thin or you put on too much coffee!

  • Heat the coffee machine with hot water.
  • As your coffee maker heats up, prepare the coffee.
  • Again, respect the famous dose of 15 g for 250 ml of water.
  • Remove hot water.
  • Add ground coffee.

The essence of all - a great espresso.

It all started in Moscow, in the Coffee Bean coffee shop, where this drink was created for a regular visitor named Raphael. Other regulars soon also began to ask the barista to make “coffee as for Rafa”, and after a few years, when this cocktail penetrated into other coffee shops, the name was reduced to a simple “raf coffee”. The main advantage of raf coffee is its simplicity: if you can cook, it means that raf will work too. Well, the moral of this story seems to me to be the following: life must be lived at least in such a way that some good drink is named after you.

Rough: modern reading

Delicious aroma emphasizes luxurious creamy foam, which is always a sign of a job well done. Start your day with a cup of good coffee. We have a simple tutorial on how to make a unique flavored drink at home. Surprise your friends and become a barista for a few moments.

Now you do not need to buy the most expensive models. In general, the simpler the device, the less unnecessary errors. But you still need a few basic functions. The taste will emphasize mainly high-quality grinder. The mixture should be fine, but not powdery. Do not forget to regularly carry out maintenance and cleaning. Otherwise you will have an unpleasant bloody smell, and it does not matter whether you have the most luxurious type on the market. If you do not want to buy another device, buy coffee in good stores more and less.

Rough coffee


3 minutes


100 ml espresso

200 ml of cream 10%

2 tsp. vanilla sugar

Rough coffee - one of the few coffee drinks , who was honored with his own name, and meanwhile preparing it is as easy as a regular cappuccino. The main feature of raf coffee is that all its ingredients are mixed, and only after that they are whipped into a homogeneous drink, where the main thing is not a frothy cap (as in cappuccino), but a smooth consistency, saturated with bubbles. I prepared the raf with the help of aerochchino, a convenient device for foaming, which is part of my own, but, of course, it can be made with the help of any other cappuccinator.

You get a fresh taste. Jerusalem artichoke is gaining popularity in Poland, but is still considered quite exotic and difficult to access. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth presenting it on the menu, as well as roasted coffee from this unusual plant, which can be a tasty and much more healthy substitute for the traditional “little black”.

But so quickly he was ousted by potatoes and forgotten for decades. Recently, Jerusalem artichoke starts to return to grace again, which is a very positive phenomenon. It is worth taking an example from the French, which the “earthen pear” can use in the kitchen in various ways. Coffee is also served on roasted sesame seeds. We can easily buy it at many online health food stores. Why deserves interest?

Why deserves interest

Cooking a raf of coffee is best one serving at a time. Combine 100 ml of cream and espresso shot, add a teaspoon of vanilla sugar, beat until smooth, pour into a clear glass and serve. Mastered this classic recipe Rough coffee, you can start experimenting: try replacing vanilla sugar with a spoonful of liquid honey or syrup with your favorite aroma that you usually use to make cocktails.

Coffee serves all the valuable nutrients, of which topinambur is famous. The most valuable is inulin - carbohydrates accumulated by plants and consumed at different stages of their development. Inulin produces a much more favorable direct sugar - fructose, well tolerated even by diabetics.

Thus, topinambour coffee is recommended for people with diabetes. Moreover, it has a low glycemic index and a low calorie content. Inulin is also a natural prebiotic for the absorption of calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron and is an ideal medium for beneficial intestinal bacteria. Thanks to their activity, we strengthen our immune system, support the liver while removing harmful toxins, and even protect ourselves from the development of colorectal cancer.

Coffee Raf and recipes for its preparation at home are interested in many fans of this drink. A number of people consider it a space for the creative fantasy of a barista, others jokingly say that it is a pleasure for “vanilla” girls. Whatever it was, this drink quickly found its supporters.

Rough Coffee Story

He is also called Raf. He is a hot coffee. Cream and sugar are added to it. They are whipped with steam from a coffee machine in a pitcher. The volume and delivery method is the same as that of cappuccino.

This drink is also an excellent source of essential trace elements, especially copper, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, iron and phosphorus. We will find in it a large dose of silicon. Most people suffer from a lack of this mineral, which is rarely found in our meals. At the same time, it provides healthy appearance skin, hair and nails and keeps the blood vessels in good shape, preventing the deposition of cholesterol in them. Silicon has a positive effect on the joints, as it plays an important role in bone mineralization.

In a small coffee shop near the metro station Kuznetsky Most in the early nineties there were always many visitors. Here, customers were offered up to thirty varieties of coffee. Each visitor was characterized by their requirements and habits. Especially for one of the guests they prepared an order according to a special recipe, whipping coffee with cream and vanilla sugar. This drink quickly became popular among other visitors. This first visitor was called Raf, and his name received coffee.

How to cook delicious Rough coffee at home

During the long existence of Raf, besides the classic, boasts a huge number of other cooking methods. Many will fit for normal home cooking.

Recipe for coffee machine

To make one cup, you will need:

  • vanilla sugar - 5 g;
  • espresso 25 ml;
  • chilled cream (11%) - ½ cup;
  • sugar - 5g;
  • cinnamon - 1 g

Cooking method:

  • Cooking utensils and the necessary components.
  • Pour cream into the pitcher and add two kinds of sugar.
  • Espresso is prepared and poured into the pitcher.
  • Whip all products until an air foam is formed.
  • Make cinnamon and serve.

Raf Citrus. Recipe number 1

The composition of the products for this drink is as follows:

Studying how to prepare this drink, you need to consider that they do it in the same way as the classic version. The only difference is that they are decorated with lemon-lime slices.

Raf Citrus. Recipe number 2

To prepare a citrus drink, prepare:

  • Espresso - 50 g.
  • Vanilla sugar - 5 g.
  • Cream (11%) - ½ cup.
  • Orange sugar - 5g.
  • Fresh orange juice - 15 g.

Orange juice is poured into the pitcher along with all the ingredients. In order to decorate the drink is recommended to take orange slices. And emphasize a gentle tart note against the background of vanilla-creamy taste.



  • Cold filtered water - 100g.
  • Lavender flowers - 0.5 tsp.
  • Coffee (ground) - 1.5 tsp.
  • Granulated sugar - 5 g.
  • Cream (11%) - ½ cup.

Cream (11%) - ½ cup


Coffee must be poured into the Turk, pour cold water and put on a small fire. Bring to a boil, but do not boil, and immediately remove the dishes from the fire. After that, the lavender and sugar are ground. The resulting mass is put in coffee. Then pour in the cream, and warm up the drink for several minutes. After that, blend the coffee with a blender until a thick foam is obtained. Everything is poured into a cup and immediately served for consumption.

TIP. Allow the preparation of coffee is not in the Turk, and using any other method. For example, it can be a coffee machine or a french press.

Honey Raf

For this drink should take:

  • Espresso - 50g.
  • Honey - 10g.
  • Cream (11%) - 100 g

How to make coffee with delicate taste honey, you can find out further:

Stew espresso. After that cream is heated, coffee is added to them. Then it all stir. Then add honey and whip with a cappuccino maker until foaming. Decorate coffee with a small amount of cinnamon and serve it in cappuccino cups.

Calorie content

The approximate caloric content of Raf coffee per hundred grams is 100 Kcal. The final nutritional value directly depends on the energy content of the ingredients and their quantity.

How to serve

This drink is served not only like a cappuccino, but also as (for it they take a large transparent glass) This drink is served not only like a cappuccino, but also as (for it they take a large transparent glass).

In a situation where the cream is used too high fat, then before adding it can be slightly diluted with water.

IMPORTANT! Vanilla sugar should be used with caution, the slightest increase in dose will lead to the fact that the taste of the drink will change dramatically.

Over its lifetime, Raf managed to get some nominations at coffee contests, and his popularity is constantly growing. Over the past few years, a large number of varieties of this drink. Authentic vanilla flavor confidently change to another. At the same time use syrups or any other own secret components. The result is amazing.

Very few people knew the recipes of Raf coffee yesterday, but today it confidently takes place in the classic coffee card.

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