How to make a hair volumetric tail. How to make a volumetric tail?

  1. Process of creation
  2. Various options

How often, gathering in a hurry to work, the woman has an idea in her head how to make a volumetric tail with her own hands, without resorting to the services of a hairdresser. And not in vain, the hairstyle is simple in execution and attractive in the eyes of others. No wonder she does not lose its relevance over the years.

Horse tail (and this hairstyle is the original name) is appropriate in a variety of life situations. Bad weather on the street, lack of time for styling, desire to look defiantly - in any life situations this hairstyle will help. And with certain skills you can create a hairstyle for special occasions on its basis.

Of course, the best styling looks on long thick hair. But it is quite possible to make a voluminous tail for short ones. It doesn't matter at all whether straight hair or curly hair.

Process of creation

Smooth ponytail does not look very stylish, and tall and voluminous looks great. Professional hairdressers have come up with a small trick to add volume to the styling, as well as to visually lengthen the hair. Everything is very simple: instead of one tail, two are made, and the lower one is closed by the upper one.

To create such a hairstyle, the very minimum of the tool is needed: two combs (usual and special for a comb), two elastics To create such a hairstyle, the very minimum of the tool is needed: two combs (usual and special for a comb), two elastics. The process is as follows:

  1. Hair to carefully comb. If the strands are too straight, then slightly twist the tips with a special iron. Divide hair into upper and lower halves. The border is approximately at the level of the middle of the ears.
  2. Slightly comb hair from the top half of the head to add volume. Collect them in pony tail. Secure with a rubber band.
  3. It is better to temporarily lift the top hair bundle so that it does not interfere with the work with the second half.
  4. Collect the rest of the hair in another tail. It should be located immediately below the top. Secure with a rubber band.
  5. Top tail gently straighten your fingers. Disguise the bottom under it. It is important to ensure that it is not visible.

If done correctly, then such a tail will have sufficient volume. If the volume does not suit you, then you can comb a little hair and finish it on the finished hairstyle.

Well, if a woman is a happy owner of a thick head of hair. But the rest of the beauties should not despair.

There are several hairdressing tricks for the “volumetric tail” hairstyle There are several hairdressing tricks for the “volumetric tail” hairstyle. You can increase the thickness of the hair with the help of artificial strands. A colored cords, successfully woven into their own hair, will give hair not only volume, but also originality.

Rough features will soften additional volume at the crown. You can achieve it with a pile, which is done with a foam or mousse, and then dried with a hairdryer.

Various options

This hairstyle deserves special attention because it is multivariate. Slightly changing the location of the base, you can get the hair "tail to the side." To do this, slightly tighten the hair with forceps. Collect them with your hands in the tail to the right or left of the center. Secure with a rubber band.

To give light hair carelessness is possible with the following styling.

Apply volume to curls. Lift them up with your fingers. To disheveled slightly tilted head back and forth. Make a zigzag parting and collect hair with a barrette or rubber band in the neck area. Gum to fix is ​​not very tight, giving the hair some freedom.

Hair middle length also great fit. To do this, stock up with hairpins with a clip "crocodile". Apply volume to wet hair roots. Dry them with a hairdryer, curling slightly with a warm stream of air.

Collect curls in the tail below the head. Hair from the side of the head pinned with hairpins. For a special charm to use hairpins in the form of stars, butterflies, various figures. Hairpin can be fastened and bangs.

And a huge variety of options exist in the horse tail. It is necessary to show a little imagination, and a stylish haircut is ready.

In search of the ideal image, women are ready to experiment on their appearance as much as they like, endlessly creating different hairstyles. A special place among women occupy the so-called universal hairstyles. That is, those that are suitable for any occasion and event. These hairstyles include a voluminous tail, which differs from the usual horse brother in pomp and a more romantic style. Moreover, it is easy to make a volumetric tail: it is enough to assemble the usual one and transform it, showing imagination!

With the help of the nozzle diffuser hair dryer

With the help of a hair dryer and a nozzle-diffuser make a volumetric tail is very simple. Diffuser at the same time and dry the hair, and give them pomp:

  • on clean and damp hair, apply thermal protection and mousse for styling;
  • put on a hair dryer and set the optimal mode for hair;
  • wind the hair with a diffuser;
  • collect and dry dried and folded hair at the desired height;
  • fix styling hair spray.

The diffuser is good because when drying the hair is lifted at the roots, so even the hair on the crown is bulky. The main thing is not to tighten the hair with a rubber band.

With hair curling tongs
Curler - the easiest way to do beautiful hairstyle . Creating a voluminous tail is also not without its participation:

  • apply heat protection and styling foam on clean and dry hair, wait until the hair dries out;
  • divide hair into two parts and put on shoulders;
  • wind the strands first on one side, then on the other;
  • put your hair together;
  • separate the wide and thin strand along the line of the forehead (bangs are not necessary to capture);
  • pull it up and sprinkle varnish from the inside;
  • put on a comb, then gently return the strand to the rest of your hair, smoothing the protruding hair with a comb;
  • collect hair in a ponytail at the back of your head, combing it at the temples with a comb, leave the crown intact.

This will result in a stylish tail with hair raised along the forehead line. If desired, it can be fluff or gather on the side.

One lush tail of two
The trick of this method is that to create one fluffy tail, you must first do two:

  • on clean and dry hair, apply styling products: mousse and temperature protection;
  • wind the hair with a curling iron, if desired, you can make a bouffant;
  • tilt your head forward and shake your hair to make your hair look lush;
  • return to the starting position;
  • make the upper tail: from the temples start to collect hair closer to the crown and secure it with an elastic band;
  • make the lower tail: collect the remaining hair to a height just below the upper tail, 5-7 centimeters and tie them;
  • evenly distribute the hair of the upper tail so that the bottom remains invisible;
  • secure the resulting tail with lacquer.

If you make a volumetric tail in this way, you get the effect of a cascade on the hair. So they will seem thicker and longer.

Voluminous tail is a universal hairstyle that can be done both on a romantic date, in the office or at a cocktail party. The owner of this hairstyle will look irresistible and stunning!

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