How to make a bruise on the body without pain. To your health. Bruise with chalk and foil

  1. The reason you bruise like a peach
  2. Blue shadows and iodine
  3. How to hurt yourself without pain
  4. First way
  5. Second way
  6. Third way
  7. Bruise yourself with black eye makeup
  8. Fourth way
  9. Fifth way
  10. Sixth way
  11. Seventh way
  12. Eighth way

And so, we will need:
- Blue paint.
- Red paint.
- Black paint.
- Tonalnik.
- Finger. (Your best shading tool! Seriously!)

Why not immediately take the purple paint, instead of mixing blue with red, you ask? Yes, because! I will answer. Seriously, just take my word for it, it will look more realistic.

The reason you bruise like a peach

You accidentally enter the corner of your coffee table, and the next day there is a bruise on your leg. Or bruises may appear, and you don’t even remember to hurt yourself. Bruising with the slightest blow does not mean that you have a serious health problem, especially if your bruises tend to be small and often do not appear.

A contusion develops when the small blood vessels under the skin rupture or rupture. The blood flows into the tissue under the skin and causes an o-so-attractive black and blue color. They can also become bumpy, called a hematoma, which occurs when blood is collected and drained under the skin. As bruises heal, they often transform all the colors of the rainbow, including purple-black, reddish-blue, or yellowish-green. Sometimes the area of ​​bruises even spreads through the body in the direction of gravity.

As for which paint to use, then it is up to you. Obviously, the enamel and watercolor - not your choice, but the gouache may well fit, especially if it is mixed with children's cream (so it will not pour in from the hand, the truth will begin to smear clothes).

Step one Step one. Apply red paint with small dots of different sizes. Do not immediately draw a large red area. Just put the red dots where you would like to have the most intense bruise and slightly blend.

A bruise on the foot usually takes longer to heal than a bruise on the face or hands. The family often has a tendency to bruise, so you can inherit this trait from one of your parents. Women bruises are lighter than men, especially from minor injuries to the hips, shoulders and butts. The amount of fat covering your body can also play a certain role - if you don’t have much, there’s less a protective pad, so bruises will appear with the slightest knock. If you notice more bruises now than a few years ago, this may be associated with all those watches that were held outside without sunlight, as skin damaged by the sun causes blood vessels to break more easily.

Go to the stage of shading with soul and scale Go to the stage of shading with soul and scale. You should not be clear and bright borders of red. Just practice a couple of times and feathering will start to work out on your own.

Then, over the red color by the same principle we add blue. But do not overdo it, it should be about the same (or slightly less) quantity, which is red. Again we blend everything.

Sudden unexplained bruises, bruises that often occur, or bruises that do not go away after a month, can be a sign of a health problem, such as an infection or. Learn how to do your makeup to look dead or undead for Halloween.

Blue shadows and iodine

Halloween makeup tutorials that are as amazing in all social networks as intimidating. She recently held a Halloween workshop where participants learned how to create a simple and affordable kind of zombie, as well as bruises, bites, veins and latex wounds.

Here are some of her Halloween secrets. Sponge applicatorsBook pasteBlue and purple eyeshadow Mehron "Clown White" Baby oil. Use a medium brush with a little brown paste to darken. inner lips and eye sockets. Add blue and purple eyeshadow to brown to darken. How many colors you use determines how dead you are. To soften the edges, use a regular sponge to mix the color with white. Using a bit of brown, add your tear channel and natural eye lines. Think of an apple when you create your bruise with the most light colors outside, working with smaller and smaller blocks. You want it to look translucent. When you bruise, you can still see your skin below. Add black. sponge to remove excess yellow and green outside. After you have completed these steps, add more colors where you want it. Spongy applicators Small, medium and large brushes Different, red, purple, green, yellow and black eyeshadow Bloody toothpick paste. Start by drawing a pink frown face on top of the smiley face with the space between them. Add purple and black where your teeth broke into you. Add yellow and green if you want it to appear older. Use blood paste to add rudeness. Use a toothpick to smear where your teeth have broken skin.

  • Dip the applicator in baby oil and lightly in white paint.
  • Apply all your face, including lips.
  • You don't want to look like a clown, just a paler version of yourself.
  • Add baby oil to the sponge if it starts to look striped.
  • Sponge applicators Small, medium and large brushes.
  • Start by thinking: “What struck you?” Defines the shape of bruises.
  • The worse the bruise, the deeper the color.
  • Start by thinking: “What are you a little bit? How hard was it to bite you?
  • How infected is it?
  • Make it look ragged, not perfect.
  • Add red to pink, but not as wide as pink.

Buy a photo.

Add small black dots in places where you would like to see the bruise darker Add small black dots in places where you would like to see the bruise darker. Then just blend. If necessary, use water.

Add some light shades Add some light shades. Feel free to pick up the tone of your tone and put it on the edge of the bruise with dots. Also we put in the center (where I will have a light part). Then blend again.

Using the brush lines, draw lines similar to real veins, separated from each other. Think branches of a tree or lightning by drawing a vein, winding and twisting a brush as you paint. The harder you push, the darker the vein will be. Use a sponge to make some areas lighter. Liquid latex Monolayer toilet paperRare solo cupsOur coloring brushesPain blue dryer Pack, red, blue, purple, green, yellow and black eyeshadow Bloody paste. Paint a thin layer of latex on your skin using cheap brushes, as latex will ruin them. Dry to dry. It will be pale yellow when it is dry. Repeat steps two to four five to seven times. The more layers you make, the more you have to boil to create a wound. Remove excess toilet paper outside latex. Do not break the edges, making wounds. Add latex over the flaps to create a scar. Apply more toilet paper and latex to them. Drying After your latex wound is complete, begin painting the darkest parts of the wound with red and brown paint with a medium brush. Start where the wound is the deepest. Use a base makeup that matches your skin on a sponge to blend latex with skin. If you have added tendons, use yellow to make them look realistic. Add blood glue to where the wound is the deepest or to make it drip down the wound. Add pink and red for irritation. Add additional colors to create the desired look. You can reuse or move latex wounds that exfoliate. Just remember to put Vaseline and a layer of latex where you move it. You will also need to cover the edges with extra latex and makeup to pour it into your face.

  • Mix blue eye shadow and baby oil.
  • Twisting the brush while you paint is the most important part.
  • Create different levels of opacity.
  • Apply Vaseline to the area where you lay your wound.
  • Without it, latex will tear up hair.
  • Put the latex in a red solo cup.
  • Apply a layer of toilet paper to latex and make sure it is stuck.

Itself quickly, easily and painlessly.

Congratulations, you look just awful Congratulations, you look just awful. To make an older bruise, somewhere in the middle of all actions, add a nasty yellow color at the edges, and blue and green in the middle.

Successes to you in cosplay,
your edition.

There are different situations in life. Sometimes even a simple bruise can help us in any business. For example, a bruise is necessary for performing on stage or someone decided to play friends. How to make a bruise? There are several ways.

It often happens that you suddenly find a bruise on your body, taking a bath or changing clothes. In most cases, you do not even know how it happened. Sometimes we just forget when we get into something like accidentally coming to the final table or counter from above, because at that time we could hurry, but the blue spot immediately caught our attention.

How to hurt yourself without pain

Perhaps there are a number of reasons why a person wants to hit himself. Below are some of the features that may lead you to self-destruction. Maybe you need to play a role, so you need to look as if you are in something rather bad. Perhaps you are preparing for a photo shoot in which you need to show bruised legs, hands, or even a face. Real bruises are discoloration and tenderness of the mucous membranes of the skin due to leakage of blood from the damaged micro blood vessel to the tissue.

First way

Chalk and foil will be required.

  1. It is necessary to chalk the place where you want to make a bruise.
  2. Then you should rub this place with foil, which you first need to roll into a ball.
  3. Top needs to be wetted with water.

Such a bruise will not last long, so cook it right before the demonstration. But you can make a bruise quickly.

Whatever the reason, but it’s a fact that intentionally hurting yourself when you self-harm physically the bruises of your skin can be very painful. No need to worry, there are much simpler ways to make it look as if your body is bruised. Contusion makeup is one of the most simple ways . Do not be surprised, make-up not only looks beautiful, but can be used differently.

Yes, using makeup, you can make it as if you are covered with bruises. You do not need to undergo any amount of pain or arrogance. You need to know how to make a bruise wheel or more simply do it with different colors of eye shadows, liners, red lipsticks, purple markers and rouge.

Second way

You will need a pencil lead and a sheet of paper.

  1. It is necessary to crumble the stylus on a sheet.
  2. Then you need to grind it, attach a piece of paper to the body and grind it a little again.

Third way

Only matches will be required. It will be necessary to rub the place for the bruise with the sulfur head of the match. This method will take more time, but the bruise lasts longer.

Bruise yourself with black eye makeup

Clean the area you intend to paint the bruise, rinse gently with water and do not moisten. Now apply the red color to the intended skin to form the basic shape of the bruise you want to create. You can easily shape the shapes of natural bruises in advance to see what shape a bruise can get. The natural shape of the bruises is usually irregular, not perfect square or round. Now the entire area is red, and none of your normal skin colors are visible. Now it's time to add more colors to make the bruise more realistic. You can add a little purple. Brush it red and make it mixed. Mixing is important, because more mixed will be, more realistic it will look. You may know that newer, more fresh bruises tend to look more purple and blue. While older bruises are more yellow with a greenish tinge. Depending on what you are going to do, you need to balance the colors accordingly. Now go to the restroom and run your new bruise under the water. At the same time, the colors will mix even more and make it more realistic. Do not touch the wet blue handmade, otherwise you will eventually rub it. You can simply click on your bruise with toilet paper or an old towel. After completing the red contours fill the area with the same color. . If you are wondering how to make yourself a black eye with makeup, follow these steps.

Fourth way

This method is more difficult, but the bruise will be very natural. You will need colors of blue, yellow, burgundy and black, a sponge and a brush. Apply paint should be light movements with a sponge.

  1. First you need to determine the shape of the future bruise.
  2. Then you need to put in the center of the blue paint and feather it.
  3. Next, you need to put a finger on the edges of the yellow paint, shading it and to the center and around the edges.
  4. Then you need to add a little burgundy paint in the center and mix it with blue.
  5. If you need a darker bruise, then you need to saturate it with black. For this brush make light strokes closer to the center.
  6. If you need pinpoint hemorrhages, lightly touch the sponge and add a mixture of scarlet and burgundy dye to the center.

Mix paints until you see a real realistic bruise. This method is suitable if you need to make a bruise on your arm.

  • Wash your face and dry it with a towel.
  • Put a light base on the face.
  • Add red color to the bottom cover.
  • Add the red part to your waterline with care.
  • Take the red and outlines where your bruise should be permanent.

People with self-harm tendencies often find bruises in random spots on their bodies. If you are not involved in any of these practices and still often get bruised, you may suffer from some skin sensitivity or chronic bruising due to a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Fifth way

It will take iodine and a shade of blue.

  1. It is necessary to apply iodine to the bruise.
  2. Next, over iodine need to put the shadow.

This method is suitable to make a bruise on the face, but to make bruises under the eyes, it is better to use the following method.

Sixth way

You will need black eyeliner, yellow, blue and purple eye shadows, a napkin. Shadows must be matte.

  1. To begin with, spread the black eye pencil under the eyes.
  2. Then blend with a napkin. This is done to give more softness.
  3. Next, apply a layer of matte purple eye shadows.
  4. Add a dark blue color along the eyelids.
  5. Finish creating a bruise with yellow shadows - apply them on top of the entire bruise.

Seventh way

You will need an aluminum button and a pencil.

  1. It is necessary to paint over the surface of the button with a pencil.
  2. Then, with an effort to rub the place of the alleged bruise. It is necessary to rub until a slight redness appears on the skin - then you will get a real bruise with redness.

Eighth way

Only two aluminum spoons are required.

You should rub the spoons together, and then rub the skin where you want to make a bruise with one spoon. It will look very natural.

We told you about eight ways to make a bruise at home. Choose the most suitable for you.

Why not immediately take the purple paint, instead of mixing blue with red, you ask?
Start by thinking: “What struck you?
Start by thinking: “What are you a little bit?
? How hard was it to bite you?
How infected is it?
How to make a bruise?