How to build a Russian house?

  1. Wood is an excellent material for building a house
  2. It is better to entrust the construction of the house to experienced craftsmen.

The construction of wooden houses is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. Pronounced aesthetic qualities, a high level of heat preservation, efficiency in the process of operation - all this, invariably, draws the attention of customers to a wooden house in the Russian style. The work of masters in the construction of such houses is admired by people uninitiated in the intricacies of this business, and experts believe that when building a house in the Russian style, the master refers to wood as the material from which the work of art is created.

Sculpted architectural and constructive techniques, amazing uniqueness of houses when their basic elements are repeated, focusing on the constructive and aesthetic qualities of natural material are remarkable qualities characteristic of the Russian style during the construction of houses.

Wood is an excellent material for building a house

A wooden house in the Russian style is constructed of rounded logs. If timber is used, builders will have to emphasize the peculiarity of stylistics with the help of decorative elements. Exquisite handrail of the porch, carved platbands, decorated with carved veranda - the possibilities of processing wood are amazing. All this attracts attention and does not allow indifferently to pass by such a house.

Woody material not only allows you to skillfully decorate buildings, but differs in a number of other qualities that are very important for the operation of the house. So, the tree perfectly keeps warm, is eco-friendly material. The construction of houses made of wood are of high strength.

Their construction is more economical than using other materials - the lightness of the material allows to reduce costs during transportation, there is no need to build a powerful foundation, the construction of bearing structures does not require the use of heavy machinery.

The design of the house in the Russian style has pronounced features, so that such houses are easily recognizable. The hut, the terem house, the house in the style of a Russian manor are all different types of residential structures with characteristic styling, each of which has its own differences. An important requirement when creating projects of houses in the Russian style is to achieve a harmonious combination of external and internal design of the house.

The interior of the house in the Russian style to the full should testify in favor of the excellent qualities of the material used. Wooden walls should be left without additional finishing.

Massive board is very effective in the interior as a floor covering. Dark wooden beams will look great on the ceiling. In such a house, the construction of the hearth is necessary. The stove or fireplace will emphasize the style of the house, if you arrange them with tiles.

The stove or fireplace will emphasize the style of the house, if you arrange them with tiles

Windows in houses from a bar are recommended with wooden frames and carved platbands. Wooden doors and curtains for the design of doorways, aged wooden furniture, cabinets decorated with carvings, a massive table, sturdy simple chairs - all these elements will create the atmosphere of a beautiful Russian-style house.

Russian style in the houses of the bar allows for a harmonious combination of natural material and the use of modern wood processing technologies. The walls of the timber perfectly perform a decorative function, so they do not require additional finishing.

The most simple furniture will be perfectly combined in the interior of such a house with elements of wrought metal. Designers recommend choosing furniture, prefer products to tone darker compared with the walls. Therefore, for the walls it is better not to use the stain, and varnish them, thus preserving the natural color of the wood.

The walls of wood, of course, will be decisive in the interior decoration. Nevertheless, there are many opportunities for creative interior decoration. Homespun rugs, tablecloths and towels with Russian ornaments, icons, golden salaries of which allow you to feel a special spiritual atmosphere characteristic of the life of Russian people, regardless of whether they lived in small villages or in large cities.

It is better to entrust the construction of the house to experienced craftsmen.

Currently, many companies offer services for the construction of a country house in the Russian style. Russian style in the construction of houses - today the realization of such a dream is quite real. Skilled craftsmen produce log houses and deliver them, as well as assembly on the turnkey site.

If a company operating in this area has its own production, the company's specialists are confident in the quality of the work and carry them out as soon as possible. Firms, as a rule, organize trips to facilities already built by their specialists, so that customers with their own eyes can see them and form their own opinions about the quality of the erected structures.

When ordering a project, you can stop the choice on the standard or individual version. The installation of the log house and its finishing can be both complete and partial. The customer, if he has such a desire, can purchase only building materials made from high-quality spruce and pine forests, and be engaged in construction work independently. Thus, all questions related to the project for the construction of a Russian-style log house can be trusted to experienced professionals who value their reputation.

When creating the interior of the house, made in the Russian style, it is necessary to pay attention to all elements, since even the smallest details are important. To decorate the interior of the perfect furniture made of oak, ash, pine. Furniture is not recommended to paint - it is better to process it with wood stain. Birch is recommended for use in the manufacture of accessories: shelves, frames for mirrors, stands.

Today, building a house in the Russian style is available to anyone who has such a desire and the necessary financial resources!

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